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Breast Conditions At Age Ageing

Factors affecting the age of elasticity, density, breast firmness. - You need to know that not only vaginal organs are modified adjusted for age, but also the condition of the breast at the age of aging. There is a clear change of appearance form you can feel alone. In order not too surprised later, yuk, known from now!

At this moment the breast size fluctuates due to many reasons, according to Lisa Jacobs, MD, associate professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine. First, it could be due to breast sag slow metabolism or the possibility of adjustment leads to bobo adult female body.

"The breasts will change size as the addition or weight loss, especially during pregnancy. At the age of 20 are usually a lot of pregnant women, causing enlargement which lacks weight gain and preparation breastfeeding "said Lisa.

However, this condition will change over time breast feeding is completed and began to shrink back. It is important to realize that pregnancy also make the area a little blackened breast and nipple shape enlarged.

In addition to the above conditions, there can be a lump in the breast area due to fibrocystic changes commonly experienced by women during menstruation. 20s are vulnerable to changes in the menstrual cycle which is caused by differences in hormones such as estrogen and have an impact on some of the lumps and pain around the breast area. Important note also, that the breast pain can be associated with symptoms of breast cancer. Consult your doctor immediately if it happens.

Stepping on the head three, women also usually have several children. Well, it affects the breast skin stretches that can be caused due to the increase or decrease in weight.

"The situation could lead to stretchmarks or pstosis by stretching the elevator muscles due to aging. In particular, you do have to keep the right surge in body weight that occurs during and after pregnancy "Lisa advice.

Generally, at the age of 40 years, women will experience menopause, which leads to large changes in the breast area and ova to produce the hormone estrogen in much smaller amounts. In short, the breasts will undergo involution, ie, when breast tissue is actually even replaced by fat, making it soft and toned.

Involution does not occur suddenly, but a part when the breasts begin to lean. In order to overcome, immediately consult a physician for breast conditions that can remain tight and not down.

Decreased density is also one of the significant changes that occurs naturally with age. Breast elasticity will be much different due to decreased collagen in the body. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended mammograms performed for women aged 40 years and over, because the doctor can give action to reduce the decline in breast density.

Ridho Nugroho / Womens Health


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